Yijian Cafe Shanghai

Shanghai, China
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Golucci Interior Architects
500 JuLu Road, Shanghai, China
Chinese NetEase
LEE Hsuheng, Xu Jiaojiao, Liu Xiaoyang

Think of an easy thing, then find different ways to approach the simplicity. Use the limited space to accommodate the complex emotions of the simplicity, and let the space give you a special meaning during the emotional interaction .

Yijian Cafe is a coffee brand owned by Chinese NetEase. It is located in Shanghai JuLu Road, where the French settled a century ago. The parsol tree makes the small, western buildings on both sides of the street appear rather serene. The location's architecture style takes inspiration from the Sino-French apartments built in the 1930's. In order to express Yijian's attitude of focusing on producing high-quality coffee, we hope to create an atmosphere a perfect place for high-quailty coffee tasting, therefore we created the concept of using a clean wooden box embedded in the city's chaotic concrete ground.

The box can be opened and closed, but is usually remained open, and a record player is displayed in front of the French window. This softens the tension and conflict between Yijian Cafe and the bars on JuLu Road, and the spinning disc of the record player represents Yijian's handmade coffee beans. This deliberate "contradictory" mix hopes to relax and liven up the atmosphere. A long, metal coffee bar sits in the middle of the wooden box, which besides serving the functionality purpose also connects the wooden box with the original concrete body. The coffee roaster can be seen through a glass door, which reflects the brand's ambitions for the future.

A simple wooden box, a long bar table, it appears simple yet complex. Pass through the alleys while holding hands, and feel the fallen leaves of the four seasons. You will begin to feel the many emotions, within a single space.

Project Name : Yijian Cafe Shanghai
Design Firm : Golucci Interior Architects
Chief Designer : LEE Hsuheng
Design Team : Xu Jiaojiao, Liu Xiaoyang
Location : Shanghai, China

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