Lily Crosstown

CORE Architects Inc.
844 Don Mills Road, M3C 1V7 Toronto
Aspen Ridge Homes

Part of the Crosstown Development on the south side of Moriyama Drive, you’ll find two distinct eight and nine-storey mid-rise buildings, with a unique organic design. Building one, due to the site’s sloped topography, boasts an additional level. A single-storey lobby connects both buildings, leading to a common open space at the heart of the block. This space, formed naturally by the two wings of the building, not only provides residents with a sense of privacy and security but also serves as a communal gathering spot, fostering social interaction and a strong sense of community. Our design aims to create a powerful visual and physical connection between the urban environment to the West and the courtyard to the East, achieved through a fully transparent entrance lobby at the core of the building.

The form of Lily takes on a more organic, sculptural shape of a flower, in contrast to the block forms of the commercial towers. Lily is a direct response inspired by the site’s natural resources, similar to the design of the neighbouring “Crest” building, with curved, sinuous forms related to the natural topography of the Don River Watershed.

Lily’s design evolved organically in response to the site’s triangular shape and surrounding context. It embraces the site with gentle, organic edges, contrasting the architectural language of “Crest” and the “One Crosstown” building to the south. This contrast adds to the building’s distinct identity and uniqueness.

The Architectural theme was centered around the creation of undulating, infinite open spaces, such as balconies, and infusing the building with a character that evokes the elements of nature, connecting the private living spaces to our urban and natural environment.

Architecture is predominantly etched in our memories as rectangular objects shaped by our construction methods. Lily, however, has evolved beyond this conventional form into an ensemble that resonates with the harmony and beauty of the nature from which we originate. The design aspires to encapsulate the essence of growth and motion, reminiscent of blooming petals or gently swaying leaves.

White metal panels and glass are the key elements in Lily’s façade design to add a sleek and timeless quality to the building. The continuous white perforated metal panels complemented by a recessed black metal band at the base that follows the fluid shape of the balconies serve as the focal point of the building facade. Additionally, a touch of natural wood has been introduced in the lobby doors and entry soffits to bring warmth of natural elements into the façade design.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the design. A geothermal system is in place for the building’s heating and cooling, a progressive step in the multi-residential industry. In line with Toronto Green Standards V.4, all residential parking spaces are equipped with electric vehicle charging outlets, promoting the use of electric vehicles. We’ve also prioritized eco-friendly transportation, with ample bicycle parking to encourage cycling. The green roof area surpasses TGS requirements, contributing to improved insulation, effective storm water management, and enhanced urban biodiversity.

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