Visualisation © CORE Architects
Visualisation © CORE Architects
Visualisation © CORE Architects
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325 Bogert Avenue, Toronto

The current site is a complex of 10 interconnected 4-storey apartment blocks that were constructed in 1969 with 415 rental units. The surrounding area is primarily single detached dwellings while to the west is part of the Natural Heritage System that includes the Don River Valley and Earl Bales Park.

The development will involve the demolition of 7 of the 10 existing rental buildings and the construction of 5 new buildings, consisting of 1 building with 11 storeys and 4 towers ranging from 19 – 27 storeys. The total residential GFA of the site will be 1,387,403 sq.ft. The development will also feature 5 townhouses and provide 20,050 sq.ft for retail and commercial use. 268 replacement units will be provided and include a mix of affordable and mid-range rents. The redevelopment will also include a new public park on the eastern edge facing Easton Avenue. A westward extension of Bogert and Poyntz avenue along with a new pedestrian access into the ravine creating a new vibrant mixed use community within North York.

The first phase of the project will involve the single townhouse block on the southeast corner of the site just south of the new public park.

Phase two and three involve the construction of Tower 2 and it’s mid-rise component which fronts onto Sheppard West. This 21 storey tower and it’s associated 11 storey podium will step down to the east and the adjacent lowrise neighbourhood. The building will include 220 market residential units, 209 rental replacement units and the retail component. Phase four will involve the construction of Tower 1 in the northwest quadrant. The tower will be 19 storeys with an 8 storey podium and contain 230 market residential units.

Phases five and six will involve the construction of Tower 5 and it’s podium in the centre of the site with it’s 6 storey podium and 25 storey tower. There will be 230 market residential units and 59 rental replacement units located in the podium.

The final phase involves the construction of the tallest building, Tower 4. Located on the western edge of the site it will be 27 storeys and feature a 6 storey podium and feature 265 market residential units. The tower conforms to the angular plane
requirements from adjacent neighbourhoods and a new public street will be created through the site. A further public connection along the top of the ravine that extends directly into ravine will also be created.

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