Pierre-Dansereau Science Complex, UQAM

Ædifica | architecture + design
175, Avenue du Président Kennedy, H2X 2J6 Montreal
100M - 1Bn
5-20 Stories

The major architectural project within the Pierre Dansereau Science Complex at UQAM consists essentially of four buildings that were built or restored despite multiple urban planning and budgetary constraints. The Biological Sciences Pavilion is certified LEED silver and comprises all of the classrooms and research facilities. The “Science Core,” a centre for the dissemination and popularization of scientific information, consists of completely renovated heritage buildings, i.e. the former boiler house, its chimney and the forge. The institutional pavilion houses the Montréal offices of Téluq. The student residence houses 500 people and offers units with various layouts. UQAM thus becomes a dominant player in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and contributes to Québecers’ scientific culture.

TYPE OF INTERVENTION : 3 new constructions: Biology Science Pavilion, Student Housing, Teluq University Pavilion; Restoration of 3

industrial-type buildings into the "Coeur des sciences"

DELIVERY METHOD : Construction managment, fast-track method with over 100 construction work packages

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN : Biology Science Pavilion: LEED Silver

JOINT VENTURE : Ædifica (TPL), Saia Barbarese Topouzanov

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