Lindner exclusively installed highly sound-insulated wooden door elements as special solutions.
Photo © Lindner Group
32 double-door systems lead to the practice rooms and concert halls, which offer optimised sound insulation through two doors.
Photo © Lindner Group
The "Haus der Musik" in Innsbruck forms a modern contrast to the surrounding, partly historical buildings.
Photo © Lindner Group
The doors blend discreetly into the wall cladding. The flush-mounted installed shell handle completes the homogeneous appearance.
Photo © Lindner Group
Lindner also equipped the escape routes with correspondingly fire-tested swing doors with horizontal push rods. (panic door lock according to DIN EN 1125 locks and building fittings)
Photo © Lindner Group
Matching the door elements, the wall surfaces also consist of oiled oak veneer.
Photo © Lindner Group

Haus der Musik

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Universtitätsstraße 1, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
5-20 Stories
Innsbrucker Immobilien GmbH & Co KG
ARGE Strolz + Dietrich | Untertrifaller

Culture, teaching and culinary art: door to door at Haus der Musik in Innsbruck

The Haus der Musik merges various cultural institutions in one place: on six floors, 13,000 m² and 386 rooms, it offers space for Intimate Theatres, the State Conservatory, the Institute for Musicology, the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra, three State Music Clubs and much more. Besides numerous rehearsal and teaching rooms, the Haus der Musik has two concert halls and an extensive library. An adjoining restaurant ensures that the culinary needs are not neglected. Optimal acoustics, latest technology and a welcoming atmosphere make it very popular with artists and guests alike.

Rehearsal rooms without disruptive factors
Lindner Objektdesign realised a large number of different doors throughout the building for this purpose. Only highly sound-insulated wooden door elements were installed in the rehearsal and teaching rooms, e. g. 32 double door systems and five swing doors, which with Rw = 42 dB significantly improve the acoustics in the building. The doors also blend in visually with the room concept: In addition to lacquered door leaves, elements with oiled oak veneer were installed, which blend discreetly into the likewise veneered surface of the wall claddings.

Smoke extraction and sound insulation for building services
Overall, Lindner installed 301 sound insulation doors thereof 16 elements show the fire-resistance class T 30. Two further door elements are part of the smoke and heat extraction system in the Black Box and contribute significantly to safety within the house. Since the main focus of a concert is the perfect sound experience without background noises, there is a sound insulation door in front of a ventilation system, discreetly hidden behind the wall cladding. The technology of the door elements is also concealed and does not disturb the visual appearance or the excellent acoustis in the Haus der Musik.

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