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Photo © Stefan Schilling
Photo © Stefan Schilling
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Photo © Stefan Schilling

BASF Business Center D105

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Carl-Bosch-Straße, 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany

It was moving time for 1,300 employees of the chemical company BASF. Their new office and conference building D 105 extends the capacities at the headquarters in Ludwigshafen. On a net floor area of 38,000 sqm, separated into seven floors, it features open working environments with high-quality fittings and modern design. In the same way, the conference halls for up to 500 people and the restaurant show architectural quality and design elements such as the LMD-L LAOLA Shine with LED lighting in the restaurant.

There, Lindner installed a wavy baffle ceiling with integrated colourful LED luminaires. In this course, each of the 2,194 baffles was produced as a unique specimen with differentiated baffle radii and heights. The individual baffles can be removed and relocated without the need for tools. Their light strips are integrated in a flush manner and also tailored to the individual baffle lengths. The conference area also saw the fitting of perforated baffles, partly with integrated heating and cooling technology. Apart from LMD and Plafotherm® ceilings, Lindner delivered specifically developed longitudinally sound-reduced post-cap ceiling with hidden post-caps. Each ceiling panel can be hinged down individually through mullion pieces, while also allowing the integration of additional partitions.

In order to create separated and calm working areas in this open-space environment, Lindner Partitions and Doors from the materials wood and stainless steel have been chosen. Lindner Group´s scope of works also included numerous furniture fittings, the conference hall´s stage and further Lindner plasterboard heated and chilled ceilings in the entrance area. The architects of HPP, Düsseldorf, had particularly emphasised a balanced mix between appearance, function and also sustainability. In this way, a certification according to DGNB Platinum is sought after its pre-qualification in Gold.

Competence Lindner Group
Ceiling Systems, Plasterboard systems, Glass partitions, Doors


HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Wooden Doors: 632 pcs
Steel Doors: 42 pcs
Doors for Partitions – Lindner Plus: 72 pcs

Rendering and Plastering works
Gypsum Plaster: 7.500 sqm

Plasterboard Partitions
Plasterboard Metal Stud Partitions: 15.000 pcs
Plasterboard Ceilings
Perforated Plasterboard Ceilings: 1.050 sqm
Smooth Plasterboard Ceilings: 2.150 sqm

F0 Metal Ceilings
LMD-St – Expanded Metal Ceilings: 310 sqm
LMD-L LAOLA 1.450 sqm
LMD-E – Hook-on Ceilings: 6.000 sqm
F30 Fire Protection Ceilings
F30-A/AB – Hinge-down systems: 1.000 sqm

Glass Partitions
Lindner Life Glass Partitions: 1.000 sqm
Metal Heated and Chilled Ceilings
Plafotherm® B – Post-Cap Ceilings: 3.400 sqm
Plafotherm® E – Hook-on Ceilings: 11.500 sqm
Plafotherm® L – Baffle Ceilings: 800 sqm
Plasterboard Heated and Chilled Ceilings
Plafotherm® GK HEDKA: 1.000 sqm

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