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Formed in 1994 by Chris Pommer, Lisa Rapoport, and Mary Tremain, PLANT Architect Inc. is an interdisciplinary, collaborative firm that branches into the domains of architecture, landscape, ecology, furniture, art, and graphic design. Synthesizing the insights and expertise of these disciplines, PLANT’s practice both embraces and responds to the increasing complexity of the world and to the ambiguous intersections of landscape, built form and design.

PLANT’s practice transcends disciplinary borders, engages a variety of spatial scales, and extends beyond and between a range of experimental and evolving architectural discourses. Underlying the tenor of the studio’s work is the integration of architectural, sculptural and landscape interventions meant to articulate new meanings, create a set of visceral experiences, and form critical, interdisciplinary dialogues about place, memory, ecology, history, art and culture. PLANT believes this approach to architecture is fundamental to building personal connections between people, places and communities, and it remains central to the firm’s commitment to public engagement.

PLANT’s scope of work includes public parks and intimate garden spaces, residential, commercial and institutional architecture, site-specific art installations and furniture, as well as identity, print and exhibit design. Through these diverse projects, PLANT is able to highlight the interconnectedness of architecture and landscape, openness and enclosure, unaffected beauty, colour and texture, and material and light. PLANT’s projects are designed both to enable and prompt action by providing public, ritual spaces in which performance may unfold in open-ended, edifying ways, and to promote the possibility of exploring, extracting, and engaging both history and memory in inventive and poetic ways. These procured meanings transform unrealized sites into intelligible statements about the sustainability, discovery and experience of an existing place or landscape.

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